Publication on Helicobacter suis motility

Mehdi and collaborators have published an article on the interesting ways in which Helicobacter suis, which has two tufts of flagella, one at each pole, can swim.  The tufts form flagellar bundles which can be either extended from the body or wrapped around the body, leading to combinations of both wrapped, both extended, and one extended/one wrapped bundle during swimming.  Each combination displays different swimming characteristics which can be understood through models of the propulsion. [M. A. Constantino, M. Jabbarzadeh, H. C. Fu, Z. Shen, J. G. Fox, F. Haesebrouck, S. K. Linden, and R. Bansil.  “Bipolar lophotrichous Helicobacter suis combine extended and wrapped flagella bundles to exhibit multiple modes of motility.” Scientific Reports 8, 14415 (2018). pdf]