Fluids and Biomechanics Lab

In the Fluids and Biomechanics Lab we study complex biomaterials and low-Reynolds number hydrodynamics, including the solid and fluid mechanics of swimming microorganisms and microengineered systems. Specific research projects involve swimming hydrodynamics in Newtonian and non-Newtonian biological fluids and gels, microrheology in gels, swimming hydrodynamics in shear flows, the behavior of chiral particles in shear flows, with application to chiral separation, microrobotic swimming, with application to drug delivery and microtransport and assembly, and flagella-based materials for bioenabled sensing and actuation.

Research Positions Available

Positions are currently available for graduate and undergraduate students interested in working in the lab. Please contact Prof. Fu directly: henry.fu@utah.edu.  

Recent News

  • Paper on copepod sensing

    Paper on copepod sensing

    In collaboration with Xinhui Shen, Xin Yao, and Marcos at Nanyang Technological University, we have published a new paper on …
  • Paper on symmetry breaking propulsion

    Paper on symmetry breaking propulsion

    In collaboration with Louis Rogowski and MinJun Kim’s group at Southern Methodist University, and Jim Wilking at Montana State University, …
  • New NSF award

    New NSF award

    We received funding from the National Science Foundation for the project “Collaborative Research: Elucidating the Diversity of Bacterial Flagellation and …