Fluids and Biomechanics Lab

In the Fluids and Biomechanics Lab we study complex biomaterials and low-Reynolds number hydrodynamics, including the solid and fluid mechanics of swimming microorganisms and microengineered systems. Specific research projects involve swimming hydrodynamics in Newtonian and non-Newtonian biological fluids and gels, microrheology in gels, swimming hydrodynamics in shear flows, the behavior of chiral particles in shear flows, with application to chiral separation, microrobotic swimming, with application to drug delivery and microtransport and assembly, and flagella-based materials for bioenabled sensing and actuation.

Research Positions Available

Positions are currently available for graduate and undergraduate students interested in working in the lab. Please contact Prof. Fu directly: henry.fu@utah.edu.  

Recent News

  • Paper on Soft Robots

    Paper on Soft Robots

    Anuruddha’s paper on Soft Robots was accepted for publication in Bioinspiration and Biomimetics! An early version of the accepted paper …
  • Congratulations Suraj and Hossein!

    Congratulations Suraj and Hossein!

    Congratulations to Suraj and Hossein, who both successfully defended their PhD dissertations in Spring 2022! Suraj walked at the 2022 …
  • Paper on Freeze Casting

    Paper on Freeze Casting

    Congrats to Josh Fernquist from Dr. Steven Naleway’s group on his publication on controlling freeze cast structures using oscillating magnetic …